Automating a Greenhouse with LoRa! (Part 2) || Motorized Window Opener

16. 08. 2020
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1x LoRa Radio Node:
1x LM7805 Voltage Regulator:
1x LG02 LoRa Gateway:
1x L293D Motor Driver IC:
1x 12V 100RPM DC Motor:
In this project I will be showing you how I created a motorized window opener for my greenhouse. That means I will show you what motor I used, how I designed the actual mechanical system, how I drive the motor and finally how I used an Arduino LoRa board in order to control the motor from anywhere in the world. Let's get started!
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  • I feel like I need to explain some things a bit more after reading through the comments: - I did not directly use the McMaster-Carr component library gear and rack. You are not allowed to 3D print them. I only used them as a rough reference in order to create my own. - I did not include limit switches because I thought it would be an overkill for such a simple system. Instead my rack holder is open at one end. So if the window is fully closed and the motor wants to keep going, the rack can be pushed out without destroying anything. The opening and closing time is done by a delay and was measured by myself. The opening time is a bit longer than the closing time. Thus after a month or two the rack will slightly get pushed out of the holder due to misalignments. But you can easily fix that by hand. I hope that answers some of your questions and I hope that you still enjoyed the video even without me mentioning those information :-)

    GreatScott!GreatScott!Před 7 měsíci
    • @Oscar Damian whoa! Took roughly 10 mins but it actually worked!

      Wells TerrellWells TerrellPřed 27 dny
    • I would recommend the 'Blumat Tonkegel' for watering your Garden. In my Arduino Projekt i soon realized that the soil moisture sensors are useless. So i used the one from Blumat without even any electricity just mechanic. They water perfecly and need no maintainance. I would highly recommend this system.

      SolidiceSolidicePřed 2 měsíci
    • Make watering system plz!. Thank you sir

      Phong NguyễnPhong NguyễnPřed 3 měsíci
    • You could use car door actuator used for locking and unlocking doors

      expert20valvehlxexpert20valvehlxPřed 6 měsíci
  • If you dont know how to use analog values from the humidity Sensors than you can change them in percentage values Here is a video for that :

    Barry FritzenBarry FritzenPřed 8 dny
  • There might be a reason why your moisture sensor gave varying results: some of the boards are faulty as the 1Mohm resistor on the output only has one side connected. That causes the capacitor on the output to not discharge on time. Solution: put a 1Mohm resistor over the output is the easiest. Also, the sides of the board are unprotected, cover them with epoxy, nailpolish (good quality) or dip the entire thing in PlastiDip

    Ed19601Ed19601Před 18 dny
  • Great work! I love the idea, and the application, however, maybe it would be better if you use a closed-loop system for the window instead of an on-off control, and that the amount by which the window opens is directly related to the relative humidity inside the greenhouse, and how much extra humidity opens a certain distance of the window is based on average data of the surroundings' conditions, this might be a bit overkill ik, but it would be awesome and that's all that matters lol.

    NawafNawafPřed měsícem
  • Although this video proves how engineers can control machines to create environments, it is not enough. This is because different plants thrive in in an environment specific to their needs. it would be most useful if a good gardener got together with the engineer to create robust code to imitate the best environment is for each plant. In my lifetime I notice the two never entwine.

    G SG SPřed měsícem
  • Although this video proves how engineers can control machines to create environments, it is not enough. This is because different plants thrive in in an environment specific to their needs. it would be most useful if a good gardener got together with the engineer to create robust code to imitate the best environment is for each plant. In my lifetime I notice the two never entwine.

    G SG SPřed měsícem
  • nice work. thanks for sharing. I'd like to see you add on some limit safety switches with that, that would be a nice addition

    MJMJPřed 2 měsíci
  • i like how the entire internet is specialist in electrical circuits and programming... meanwhile me struggling to fuckin understand how to make a relay work... through a web interface...

    Pixel Ranger StudioPixel Ranger StudioPřed 2 měsíci
  • I'm high af.

    Mr. SageMr. SagePřed 2 měsíci
  • Hi! Nice work! You have very good videos! I also watched your video of diy walkie talkies. Have you ever thought to combine lora modules with codec2 and use it to audio transmission? It would be very interesting to see digital audio combined to long range.

    jarno aijojarno aijoPřed 3 měsíci
  • Just came in my mind: a stepper motor may be able to hold the window, if you short the coils (with small relays)

    Péter ErdősiPéter ErdősiPřed 3 měsíci
  • Please do at least an explanation video on how to do the watering system?

    Stefan TheronStefan TheronPřed 3 měsíci
  • 9000th like

    Mad CatMad CatPřed 3 měsíci
  • Did you just ditch the moisture sensors or did you replace them with something else?

    Frikkie JacobsFrikkie JacobsPřed 4 měsíci
  • Dr. Strange called. He wants his facial hair back.

    Jared KnappJared KnappPřed 4 měsíci
  • this thing will stop working after a month bacause you can not say by timing when window is fully opend or closed

    Chan3xChan3xPřed 4 měsíci
  • Please make a Part 3! Theres lots of stuff you can still try out... maybe revisit auto watering? or maybe thermal mass/heat for longer growing season? increase efficiency with solar tracking? Use photo resistors and grow-LEDs to extend day?? Photogrammetry to track and model growth of fruit? That would make a pretty awesome time lapse!

    Joefish628Joefish628Před 5 měsíci
  • *L293D* OH NO!!!

    bzqp2bzqp2Před 5 měsíci
  • You could buy a worm gear gearbox I heard that you can turn them with a motor but you can not turn the output shaft

    Kerim MededovicKerim MededovicPřed 5 měsíci
  • mais como resolveu o problema pra medir a umidade do solo ?

    Paulo HenriquePaulo HenriquePřed 5 měsíci
  • Just for curiosity, could you tell me how much did it cost at total?

    Felipe SantanaFelipe SantanaPřed 5 měsíci
  • Thanks for the tutorials...

    FOSALGOFOSALGOPřed 5 měsíci
  • What are you doing against humidity? Hte motor will not last foreve like that.

    aminho101aminho101Před 6 měsíci
  • German guy talking english with french accent. Invest.

    Nikola LukicNikola LukicPřed 6 měsíci
    • French accent?

      GreatScott!GreatScott!Před 6 měsíci
  • All his passwords are “jlcpcb”

    Adam WishneuskyAdam WishneuskyPřed 6 měsíci
  • hello, you can solve your problem with soil moisture sensors by using graphite stick. soil moisture sensors contain copper. and this becomes inoperable as the copper oxidizes. You won't have such a problem with graphite stick.

    Barış SERENBarış SERENPřed 6 měsíci
  • hey where can i get 3d blueprints for this?

    Marcin PiesioMarcin PiesioPřed 6 měsíci
  • At last a face to the voice! ;-)

    Alexandre CunhaAlexandre CunhaPřed 6 měsíci
  • Wax motor to a click pen mechanism to a lever. Wax motors work like a hydraulic piston and are ridiculously powerful for their size. Pin one end of the wax motor/pen mechanism to the fulcrum and the other to a class 3 lever. The weight of the load would act like the spring in the pen. The window is the lever and the load. The hinge is the fulcrum.

    EJ WittEJ WittPřed 7 měsíci
    • alternatively you could just use a stepper and a two lever mechanism. If the short lever to the motor is supported by the frame as the motor in your video, it would keep it propped up. The window would raise slightly before closing again. Like in a piston motor, the short lever would be the crankshaft, and the long lever would be the piston rod. in a clockwise motion, the short lever would be in the closed position at say 180 degrees. When it passes 90 degrees it would rest on the cross beam.

      EJ WittEJ WittPřed 7 měsíci
  • Why not use a screw gear instead of the motor's torque to hold the window? it doesn't take any power.

    ihavecojonesihavecojonesPřed 7 měsíci
  • you look like doctor strange after he defeated all off the bad guys and didnt have anything else to do so he started a youtube chanell

  • what's the point of an automatic greenhouse if you don't have an automatic watering system which is the easiest part of the whole project and the most essential, also the windows should be controlled by the humidity sensor not by sending bytes manually

    DoomerDoomerPřed 7 měsíci
  • The controls engineer in me desperately wants you to create a control system to manage open angle of the window. You could probably get away with something as simple as a bang bang controller that measures the humidity and opens or closes the window depending on what values you give it. You could even go further by including a fan and also controlling the angle at which the window is open. Either way though, great project, thanks for sharing!

    Calvin Kielas-JensenCalvin Kielas-JensenPřed 7 měsíci
  • I'm sure you know but there are mechanical spring activated lifts hat can be set to open and shut windows by temperature. No need for power. I've been working on sustainable farms for 20 years. Lots of people use them and they are cheap like $30 for the smaller one. Anyways thanks for sharing.

    Cherokee By Blood SIGMA INFJCherokee By Blood SIGMA INFJPřed 7 měsíci
  • Any thoughts on why Moisture sensor not working? I seems to be a key part of an automated Greenhouse.

    Dave TargoskyDave TargoskyPřed 7 měsíci
  • @GreatScott! Kannst du vielleicht etwas näher die Probleme mit den Feuchtigkeitsfühlern beschreiben? Wollte damit eigentlich auch eine Bewässerung und auch die Rasensprenger mit steuern

    Michael RießMichael RießPřed 7 měsíci
  • Hey there, nice vid. I just wanted to mention that with the LMIC library, you can see yhr data being sent by adding the following code in the EV_TXCOMPLETE event (edit: within the if statement that checks for incoming data): for(int i = 0; i < LMIC.dataLen; i++){ Serial.print(LMIC.frame[LMIC.dataBeg+i]); Serial.print(" "); } The LMIC frame has all the information about a message stored in it, and the dataBeg indicates the index where the data begins. I hope you can use this in the future, it looks a lot nicer than looking at the amount of data sent ;)

    RednassieRednassiePřed 7 měsíci
  • Maybe do consider installing the automated water system for when you aren’t there like maybe on vacation or something

    Tina ZillTina ZillPřed 7 měsíci
  • Why does your voice change in these videos🤔

    Alexander zawydiwskiAlexander zawydiwskiPřed 7 měsíci
  • Can you change the intro ?

    Huy PhamHuy PhamPřed 7 měsíci
  • Can you make a bladeless fan ?

    Huy PhamHuy PhamPřed 7 měsíci
  • You sir, are awesome for making all the videos that you do.. and I think that showing your face in front of the camera takes more courage than most people would realize, especially if you haven't shown your face that often.

    cappie2000cappie2000Před 7 měsíci
  • I would've used an ultrasonic sensor to know the window's position

    Farshid MehrtashFarshid MehrtashPřed 7 měsíci
  • How about Servo??

    YYA Plumbing & MoresYYA Plumbing & MoresPřed 7 měsíci
  • Nice job! I wish my cheap greenhouse survived the years of the sun breaking down the panels. I hoped to do what you did with the automated windows. Maybe next time!

    DJMovitDJMovitPřed 7 měsíci
  • A window operator from junked car would be simple to adapt to operating greenhouse windows.

    Tex HunterTex HunterPřed 7 měsíci
  • Wow! I got so giddy when I saw the IC for the motor control. It's the same IC that was used in a DIY robot that I was building when I was 8 from a magazine. It was used to control the motors to move it. Such a cute little quad H bridge 😛

    Anastasis ZaroAnastasis ZaroPřed 7 měsíci
  • I would add the watering system just to get the water to the roots alone, your plants will thank you for it and you will end up having less milldew and healthier plants. You can also water twice a day, pity you didn't elaborate on the soil moisture levels, you can set up some great controls for your plants to get the right amount of water they require. Next level would be to add nutrients to the water to feed your plants too! Nice project, well done!

    Laurence MunroLaurence MunroPřed 7 měsíci
  • Why don't you make a FULLY automated garden system so that if you are ever on vacation, you can have remote monitor security cameras, automated watering system, and even a robot to assist with harvesting the vegetables. Also, make the windows a little more durable and add some limit and reed switches so that nothing goes wrong.

    thien minh nguyenthien minh nguyenPřed 7 měsíci
  • I don't know this types of motor are there!

    Urmila LoharUrmila LoharPřed 7 měsíci
  • I will say stepo motor

    Urmila LoharUrmila LoharPřed 7 měsíci
  • I had excellent results with using soil resistance for my automated watering system. Sad the capacitance wasn't useful. to measure resistance I just used galvanized nails, and sunk them into the soil.with a gap. wet soil will provide little resistance to the circuit. Dry soil will provide more. I did this a few years back. They called it the "Garduino" here is an older article on the subject, I doubt it is the one I used, but the approach is.

    trwsandfordtrwsandfordPřed 7 měsíci
  • I've had issues attaching 3d printed parts to the DC motor shaft (same as your DC motors) aren't you having these issues? Are you using pla or abs?

    William WATKINSWilliam WATKINSPřed 7 měsíci
  • When the system fails you need to install the infrared camera.. Tomatoes needs to be pinched.. You need to check every couple of days..

    Adrian BadeaAdrian BadeaPřed 7 měsíci
  • A simple blower with dryer pipe like the ones in grow tents would fix that!

    Nash VilleNash VillePřed 7 měsíci
  • Niceee

    Pan cegiełkaPan cegiełkaPřed 7 měsíci
  • I still don't understand what the purpose of the soil moisture sensor was in the first place. I mean you already have a moisture sensor for the air, why needing an additional one for the soil?

    New ZealandNew ZealandPřed 7 měsíci
  • Please make Smart mask for covid 19

    Ab SAb SPřed 7 měsíci
  • I have use the same soil moist sensors at first the also seem to be a bit random but wen I upload the data to a database and see the measurements of 5 days you can se a trend let me know if you want more info about it

    diego gonzalezdiego gonzalezPřed 7 měsíci
  • 0:01 HI!

    Stephen ThompsonStephen ThompsonPřed 7 měsíci
  • I had an idea for a future project have you ever thought of making a video of using two Arduino's to make a secure encrypted wireless transceiver to be able to talk using a microphone or as well as a morse code configuration like the older military radios back in the day? :) It's still offered on some newer types of military transceivers! ^_^ Thanks for sharing a new video and a new idea! PS: You would have to look up your wireless communication laws in Germany but here in Canada using your own private transmissions that are encrypted without a licence is illegal on certain frequency s. :/

    Scott BombardierScott BombardierPřed 7 měsíci
  • 0:36 of maybe the electronics are exposed to moist soil?

    Azim AlifAzim AlifPřed 7 měsíci
  • Hallo, can u please tell about your experience in learning tee 3d design and printing, how hard or easy it is if u don't have experience with it? I. Have some CAD experience

    Brro XBrro XPřed 7 měsíci
  • I kept thinking that you could've used a worm gear, and then you wouldn't need to worry about the motor holding torque at all...

    Bartosz BanachewiczBartosz BanachewiczPřed 7 měsíci
  • Hi there! , can you help me.. I'm currently using the free easy EDA soffware to design schematics , but i don't know how to rotate the components, it becomes very in convenient , how can i rotate them, please help

    69 IQ TUTORIAL69 IQ TUTORIALPřed 7 měsíci
  • @GreatScott - I have a suggestion for project, convert a a cheap battery powered Fire Alarm into a Smart Fire Alarm, maybe sending sms or using esp32 ... thanks

    Philippe NetPhilippe NetPřed 7 měsíci
  • An automated watering system is nice because it keeps the water off the leaves (where it encourages fungal problems). I still visit my greenhouse multiple times a day, but I don't have to spend five minutes filling up watering cans before I do.

    Emerson WhiteEmerson WhitePřed 7 měsíci
  • Never use delay for a drive. After a few months it will maybe open only half the way or hits some endpoint. Better use limit switches or a current controller.

    maxhousemanmaxhousemanPřed 7 měsíci
  • This problem was solved back in the days of relay logic. But always good to see someone try something different 👍 some people even use a container that thermally expands and pushes open the vent, then close the vent whew the container thermally contraction.

    Dr mosfetDr mosfetPřed 7 měsíci
  • It's great to use gear and rack system, why you didn't use gear worm instead?? It will hold the weight of windows, or you can use motor window

    Fikri Muhammad ShiddiqFikri Muhammad ShiddiqPřed 7 měsíci
  • why don't you just get a thicker pen? :-)

    chimeranzlchimeranzlPřed 7 měsíci
  • I would have used worm gear, and a slide pot

    tuban body slammertuban body slammerPřed 7 měsíci
  • im waiting 3 years for your magnetic levitation project where is it?

    Maksim PetkovMaksim PetkovPřed 7 měsíci
  • Hi Scott, I have a challenge for you, would you make a noise canceling headset, and compare it with bought one?

    KastianKastianPřed 7 měsíci
  • Can you buy me a Ford fiesta

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  • Tomatoes are disgusting! - lol -.

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  • One more thing I have to say that every week I just waiting for a new video that you going to post and I learned a lot too so keep doing this thankyou

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  • Sir one thing I have to say your project was just awesome but why you always uploading those microcontroller project. I need some new like making signal booster or review a video of signal booster which posted in et discover channel. Watch the video and review it whether it is fake or not please. If you consider my words then type signal booster diy by et discover in youtube and watch the video please

    saran karthiksaran karthikPřed 7 měsíci
  • I'm just wondering, that the poor little linear regulator will have a bad time supplying couple of 100 mA to open the window. Let's say, that during the opening the motor takes double its no-load current . The input voltage of the regulator is 12V, the output is 5V, and the current is 140 mA. This means, that the regulator have to dissipate (12 - 5) * 0.14 =~ 1W. If I were You, I would take a look at the current consumption and the temperature of the regulator of the motor during opening, and I would use at least a heatsink on the regulator, or a buck converter.

    Gergely KovácsGergely KovácsPřed 7 měsíci
  • We loved this project so much we featured it in this week's edition of the Electromaker Show!

    ElectromakerElectromakerPřed 7 měsíci
  • Are you related with HackRF and GreatScott Gadgets? Thank you

    David LópezDavid LópezPřed 7 měsíci
    • No

      GreatScott!GreatScott!Před 7 měsíci
  • Fantastic video as always! I too have found it easier to water by hand than to use an irrigation system. I do have a drip irrigation system installed, but I only use it when we are away. The reason being that it can over or under water the plants, depending on the weather. I have a mixture of crops in 11 grow bags and some don't like being wet all the time particularly when it is cooler. Plus I check on it everyday anyway and it only takes 5-minutes to water them, at the most. The water timer I use (Hozelock) also has reliability issues - I'm on my 3rd one in 15 years. My current one leaks water even when closed, so that will need replacing if I can't fix it. For ventilation I use the Bayliss autovents which work very well and reliably (for 15 years now). These are automatic openers that use expansion of wax in a cylinder to push a cylinder to open the windows (contraction to close the windows). I look forward to more of these videos, I love the mixture of gardening and technology!

    John KerrJohn KerrPřed 7 měsíci
  • Binod

    Darshan DodalDarshan DodalPřed 7 měsíci
    • Binod op

      Prachi SoniPrachi SoniPřed 7 dny
  • Very good video liked the use of mcmasters catalogue

    Steve WSteve WPřed 7 měsíci
  • I am curious why you didn't just use a screw rod to make a diy linear actuator, seems like it would be the most simple. with a Fine thread you don't need to worry about holding torque since pushing a screw through a nut would require significant force. Another thing, adding a limit switch into the design does not require MORE pins, in fact it only requires ONE pin total. all you need is one pin to control a DPDT relay that drives a motor in one direction till a NC limit switch opens at the extreme. then when you de-energize the relay it moves in the opposite direction till another NC limit switch opens at the opposite extreme. requires No timing, just one DPDT relay and two limit switches. I am sure I don't need to explain this with a diagram, but if you'd like one I would be happy to do so. Sorry for the rant, its just that when we use microcontrollers we sometimes over complicate things. one control wire is all we need to do this reliably. Thanks for the videos

    Michael IllingbyMichael IllingbyPřed 7 měsíci
  • Well you have certainly put my old bi-metallic automatic window openers in the shade, so to speak. What temperature will those plastic parts withstand?

    Chris ClarkeChris ClarkePřed 7 měsíci
  • Lefthander :D

    Marlon JareckMarlon JareckPřed 7 měsíci
  • I think that this H bridge also means, that the DC motor is shorted if non or booth of the directions are selected, so you cant basicly short your powersupply. And with this gear reduction it would be a pretty effective brake. I also think, that with this gear reduction, your 3d printed parts should get heir sh.t together in case your controler fails while the motor ist powered. You could use limit switches for disconnecting the control signal from the H bridge, you dont need to program it, and it doesn't requier additional inputs.

    Maráczi CsabaMaráczi CsabaPřed 7 měsíci
  • Adding water hoses with holes on the ceiling connected to water pipes by solenoid water valves would solve the wattering problem. Plus, vegetables take time to be mature so you'd only have to visit the greenhouse once in a month or 2 weeks

    felupe101felupe101Před 7 měsíci
  • i think that the best way to controll those motors would be to evaluate those data in the laura board it self. (set some humidity and temp which would triger the windows to open and set some humidity and temp which would close them) This way the system would be working even if the internet connection drops. You could still send the data and the state of the windows over the internet but they would be used just to monitor its functionality.

    Lukáš SeidlerLukáš SeidlerPřed 7 měsíci
  • Electroboom will like this

    NE555 timerNE555 timerPřed 7 měsíci
  • After watching many of your videos i've come to the conclusion that you dont know the word connector

    pe6o991pe6o991Před 7 měsíci
  • You know, there is a window opener for greenhouses that only uses expanding gas in a cylinder. It is a really simple device that opens the window when the gas in the cylinder expands and pushes a push-rod out. Works like a charm and does not need electricity or a controller. Automating the watering is the only thing you actually need unless you want retractable blinds or something like that. Even a timer would do for the watering system if you use a reservoir and a overflow pipe. Datalogging, webcam, sensors and remote acsess is probably the most useful thing a computer or microcontroller could add.

    Willy TepesWilly TepesPřed 7 měsíci
  • Haj Dea

    EworsEworsPřed 7 měsíci
  • For the arm motor - wouldn't snailgear be better idea? It could hold even more load this way :)

    pawlackpawlackPřed 7 měsíci
  • What are those hook connectors/wires called seen at 7:40?

    NightykkNightykkPřed 7 měsíci
  • The stl files for the open window mechanism on your website is incomplet. (missing parts)! Can you fix it ?

    OlliOlliPřed 7 měsíci
  • Hope that's not PLA or it will melt (Mine did), also only one window.. need more. My greenhouse has 8 windows so i used a long shaft along the ridge of the roof and placed 4 pullies instead. Also used a potentiometer on the shaft for feedback so i have 5 positions according to temperature.

    Joakim RehnJoakim RehnPřed 7 měsíci
  • great work, but do you thing it can stand with strong wind?

    Le Hong QuanLe Hong QuanPřed 7 měsíci
  • nice I think limit switches are usefull to stop unknown changes

    Arie LashanskyArie LashanskyPřed 7 měsíci