Building the simplest, best sounding, yet most inefficient Audio Amp! || Class A Audio Amp Tutorial

14. 02. 2021
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2x BC337 NPN BJT:
2x 100Ω, 2x 22Ω, 2x 3.3kΩ, 2x 1kΩ Resistor:
4x 10µF Capacitor:
1x USB Type-C breakout board:
1x Audio jack:
1x Audio plug:
1x Perfboard:
Useful sites which were partly shown in the video:
In this project I will be showing you how to create a class A audio amp. The great thing about such amps is that they only require a few components and sound awesome. On the other hand though, their efficiency is not that great. But since I will be creating this amp for a smartphone with a USB Type-C port for powering the amp, it should be just fine. So let me show you how to calculate a design for such an amp and how to build it! Let's get started!
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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
0:00 Why I want to build a class A audio amp
1:02 Intro
1:39 General circuit design
3:03 Closer look at the Base Input side
4:24 Comparison of class A, B & AB amplifiers
5:30 Closer look at the Collector Output side
6:23 Selecting the complementary components
8:34 Extra Information about class A amps
9:05 Modifying a USB Type-C board to get 5V
9:53 Practical build & End

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  • Ummm lots of Android music apps can increase the audio volume to 150%

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  • under what circumstances that you need a Class A or Class D amplifier.?

    Prince BelialPrince BelialPřed 29 dny
  • Back in the eighties I had a Musical Fidelity A1 100Watt Class A amp, it was great, listen to music and make yourself a toasted cheese sandwich at the same time.

    Mark LatimerMark LatimerPřed měsícem
  • This is the best explanation for each component of Class A amp and it has real life demo.

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  • I have to build it for my Car Radio, I placed a F-6188 with a BK8000L Bluetooth Module in There, but I'm not happy. I'll design a Proper PCB and this A Class Amplifier on it.

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  • Why didn't you use a bypass cap? Just curious, it's just a single component even if in this case its not as useful.

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  • this is something I actually want to build really bad. already bough some of the parts wish me luck. but quick question. can you make a guitar amp? like a diy marshall ms-2. there are even schematics online.

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  • Circuit diagram and PDF please?..

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  • the ''most inefficient''? don't U mean: most ''efficient''? & what U'r looking 2 design, and build. though, it's U'r channel. U'r video. and U'r business!! the last thing U need, is some dude. sticking his giant chip's in2 the comments....... the main design that U would be looking 2 engineer, would be a hifi audio amp!! U are an ''electronic engineer'' so U will have no problem designing a ''hifi'' headphone amp! personally!! I would find a nice premium hifi amp and deconstruct!!! good luck stranger?

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  • I made this circuit but i changed audio and power to female connectors (power to micro usb) and i get a noise. It changes depending on the power source. Not sure how to deal with that

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    • Decoupling capacitors.

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  • Systemic elimination of the physical 3.5 mm headphone jack from smartphones is the worst thing that has happened to the smartphone industry.

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  • Make a mosfet based audio amplifier

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  • What if I want to use a battery so I can charge my phone and not drain it? what battery you recommend?

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  • Scott, Why not taking 4-pole 3,5 mm plug and chassis and connect the 2 mic connections. Now all functionality of the headset will work (call accept button, volume control and microphone)

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  • Hi, will this also work if we use this amplifier with an electret condenser microphone?

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  • You forgot to draw the load (O_O) You know that since it is a common emitter amplifier, gain can be calculated as Av = - Rc / Re. Right? And what is Rc in your schematic? (The answer is not 130 Ohm) I really liked this video, but I think you started on the wrong hypotesis. Ok, I know you wanted to use the simplest schematic possible. But why you haven't used a common collector stage? Or a common emitter, followed by a common collector? Or the simplest one: to use a small 2 channel opamp. This latter is the most understandable for everybody, I think.

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  • This is how amplifiers should be thought in schools! Thanks for this.

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    • Glad it was helpful!

      GreatScott!GreatScott!Před měsícem
  • 9:44 You mention cc "pins". There is only 1 CC pin with a plug, the other one is called VCON, and should be left open

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  • Or root your phone

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  • Why didn't you used operational amplifier for this job. It would have been dead easy to do. NE5534 would have done the job like a pro.

  • Doesn't the earphones get damaged after a while??

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    • No. It looks the dangerous is excess more voltage and signal distortion.

      Clarito resdianoClarito resdianoPřed měsícem
  • Or use a chip with usb dac and built in amp but yoill need a pcb witch is a pain to get

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  • Very cool project! Don't worry, my audio amp is far less efficient than yours, I promise. It dissipates 600w at idle (not a typo)

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  • Type C is rated at 5V

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  • FYI adding a 10uF capacitor across the collector resistor will increase your gain considerably.

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  • The project very nice, I'll made it but can use the battery 3.7 volt.

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    • Use rating 5v battery or above

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    • Why? Phone will boost it to 5V (and provide a stable voltage, not 3,3V to 4,2V) for you

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