DIY Home Automation Intruder Alarm System! || Home Assistant + Raspberry Pi + ESP8266

27. 09. 2020
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In this project I will be showing you how to use the Home Assistant software in order to create an intruder alarm system for your home. The system will basically detect if the door gets opened without permission and then it will send out a notification to your smartphone. Along the way I will show you how to use a Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 in order to properly utilize the Home Assistant software. Let's get started!
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  • This must have been said in some other comment but I can't find it so here I go. You can use home assistant presence detection to enable disable the alarm. For example you can have the alarm disabled as soon as your phone connects to your home wifi and enabled when it disconnects.

    Marco AMarco APřed 26 dny
  • Please help get hold of you I am in South Africa and would like to establish an office with that idea, please can we engage further, I want us to discuss business

    Bonga BamBonga BamPřed 27 dny
  • The only thing you need to rob him Is a signal jammer. All his security stuff is wifi. @GreatScott! , you need to make some hardwired security methods f you havent already!

    Anything and EverythingAnything and EverythingPřed měsícem
  • Hi @GreatScott! Can you make automated hydrophonic system for home. like controlling pumps, led light and viewing temperature,ph, ec etc.

    Murat özdenMurat özdenPřed měsícem
  • Would love to see more home assistant related projects. I think we can all make use of videos like this. I have fallen in love with HA.

    KingHeraclesKingHeraclesPřed měsícem
  • Great project ok, it keeps someone busy, but what is the use of this if you are not at home? Even if you are ten minutes away from home you receive the alarm and do what? Call the police to go to your home? It will take them sometime, it will take you ten minutes to go home and fight with the thieves. They need only a few minutes to grab whatever they can and go. Such a system is useful for the motorbike like you did in another video as most of the time you are near it. This system will not protect your equipment from being stolen, it will just text you that your equipment is being stolen...

    Efficient ManEfficient ManPřed měsícem
  • Great Video once again GS 👍👍👍 If I wanted to wire a siren into the system. So if the Reed switch is activated and notification sent, the siren would also go off and keep going until I can switch it off etc etc??? Any ideas friends??? ✌️🙏💪

    Scott LScott LPřed měsícem
  • Hey Scott! Your videos safed my arse again! Greetings from Erlangen Höchstadt!

    Eden CerberusEden CerberusPřed měsícem
  • the "vacation" switch seems like from previous era ) it would be more interesting to get GPS coordinates of the phone, transmit them to rpi server, check if difference between reference gps coordinates of your appartment and the phone is greater than say 50m - and then set this "owner_away" flag... so while you are in appartment no messages are sent, but once you leave home and the door gets open - bingo, a message... I'm sure you know the weakest link of any system is human - so forgeting to flip a switch would be common mistake ) p.s. first time see your vid, yt sugestion, subscribed

    M12HowitzerM12HowitzerPřed 2 měsíci
  • Einfach Mal den addon neu starten um den nodemcu zu flashen. Oder halt wie du einen auf Edward Snowden machen ;) haha

    Via SavvaVia SavvaPřed 2 měsíci
  • Good video

    Techy Adarsh ProTechy Adarsh ProPřed 2 měsíci
  • Can this somehow be achieved using wired ethernet exclusively ?

    Daniel's Game VaultDaniel's Game VaultPřed 3 měsíci
  • 8:35 we can use person detection it inbuilt in Home assistant and use your mobile GPS location

    Red foxRed foxPřed 3 měsíci
  • Only thing I am changing in this Diy is adding a Li-Ion.Dont want a semi-smart criminal to cut my electricty.Especially since right now my place the electrical juction is outside :)

    TampaWTFTampaWTFPřed 3 měsíci
  • That is one big box how come you didn't use a battery for your door monitor?

    Bob WarehamBob WarehamPřed 3 měsíci
  • Did the PI run at only 2 mA ? ? ?

    deslomeslagerdeslomeslagerPřed 3 měsíci
  • what phone is he using?

    Dominic DominocDominic DominocPřed 3 měsíci
  • I'm not sure but don't you have to be connected to the wifi of the esp8266?

    Alexander WeismannAlexander WeismannPřed 4 měsíci
  • hey bro can i add external antenna on my esp8266

    DhanJay L. LaudenciaDhanJay L. LaudenciaPřed 4 měsíci
  • 👍👍👍

    scaleop4scaleop4Před 4 měsíci
  • you should create a discord community!

    Code DiseaseCode DiseasePřed 4 měsíci
  • just kill the power and all security system of these days into the drain hole

  • bro I had one doubt, I'm using nodemcu to made home automation with firebase real-time database to store data, it's working fine but nodemcu automatically power supply on and off in a particular time interval of 1 min 20 or 26 or 28 sec . how to solve this problem ? i used two or three nodemcu the same problem will happing. if normally nodemcu is on and off at a particular time interval?

    SaraVssSaraVssPřed 4 měsíci
  • I am building my own simpler than home assistant project and intruder detection is one of the things I am planning to implement. So to avoid the switch you can set the esp to trigger mac address sniffing algorithm after the door is open to distinguish friend or foe.

    Rumen NovachkovRumen NovachkovPřed 4 měsíci
  • Please make a video on wireless door controller

    Udayjit BeheraUdayjit BeheraPřed 4 měsíci

    chandhren bchandhren bPřed 4 měsíci
  • Is it possible to add a GSM feature, in case of wifi connection failure?

    Emerson CapuanoEmerson CapuanoPřed 5 měsíci
  • What are the pro/cons for switch types? Normally open $$$ or Normally closed $. The later would have to sense on voltage drop requiring voltage always on to switch , hmmm?

    B GableB GablePřed 5 měsíci
    • Ahhh, NO (normally open) means that the internal switch is open when the magnetic module is against the switch module (door is closed). NC switches are the opposite.. the internal switch is closed when the magnet is against the switch. Most security systems call for NC door switches so if the wire is cut the alarm system will detect the circuit opening and go into alarm state.

      B GableB GablePřed 5 měsíci
  • An other feature can be good, deep sleep function and interrupt on 2 inputs with esphome. And run on 18650 battery.

    Fe BonFe BonPřed 5 měsíci
  • Oh ! Man... You make things more complicated.

    Bino RoyBino RoyPřed 5 měsíci
  • So with the serial port issues noticed and ID'd below, how do you get into the OS on the Pi to correct them?

    PyroRob69PyroRob69Před 5 měsíci
  • I love your movies! Because of you, I feel like doing something similar! Thanks ;)

    Smart Solutions for HomeSmart Solutions for HomePřed 5 měsíci
  • An expanded version of this system would be extremely practical.

    Good GoatGood GoatPřed 5 měsíci
  • Thanks for the info! Very useful 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru MburuPřed 6 měsíci
  • If you let ha track you (nmap, router... not need to be by gps) you can forget the switch on pin 5 and automate it away.

    Christian FuchsChristian FuchsPřed 6 měsíci
  • Hey Scott, I made this small and inexpensive but great use, as you thought to me, thanks.

    Budi SantosoBudi SantosoPřed 6 měsíci
  • Intruder Alarm System and DIY dont get along for me.

    Felix HugoFelix HugoPřed 6 měsíci
  • Hi man, try to diy 4k tablet by using raspberry pi 4 or just buy. Is that a good ide?

    yuan lixzyuan lixzPřed 6 měsíci
  • Good video, it would have been easier and cleaner to use cheap 433 MHz door sensors to connect to a Sonoff Bridge in MQTT

    NicecubeNicecubePřed 6 měsíci
  • Home Assistant have gotten another victim. Careful, once you start it's hard to stop.

    Leland ClaytonLeland ClaytonPřed 6 měsíci
  • you always forget your ads

    Volkan MancoVolkan MancoPřed 6 měsíci
  • Another great project! I will be using this to notify me when mail has been delivered to my mailbox.

    Max QueMax QuePřed 6 měsíci
  • This is cool, but a security camera would still be a really good idea. The door sensor could be very easily fooled. Simply take a magnet and use it while opening the door, and it will be none the wiser. One slightly better idea could be using a NFC reader and tag to preform periodic call and responses. But still, security camera, possibly motion detection triggering an alarm, would be very smart considering the cost of equipment you have.

    Ethan ManziEthan ManziPřed 6 měsíci
  • Why CSworld stopped recommending your videos? Thumbs up from Brazil 🇧🇷 my dude!

    Henrique ValcanaiaHenrique ValcanaiaPřed 6 měsíci
  • Thank you. Will add this in my next project, for that i hit subscribe and bell

    The ReptilianThe ReptilianPřed 6 měsíci
  • You needed to connect the ESP to the Pi. 😅

    Michaël Guay-LambertMichaël Guay-LambertPřed 6 měsíci
  • Lovely info, great video loved to watch but since you know those codes things are easy, what about a guy like me who is technically active but doesn't know codes!! God help me please, Love and warm regards from India

    C#C#Před 6 měsíci
  • Excellent video

    Any FactorAny FactorPřed 6 měsíci
  • I highly recommend the home assistant addon zigbee2mqtt ( ). This works incredibly well paired together with Xiaomi or Ikea zigbee devices. It's gotten super simple to add to home assistant, the documentation is detailed and simple to follow, it's very cheap (the sensors run from about 10$ a piece) and you only need a cheap usb2zigbee stick that you can buy for 5 dollars. You also need to program that usb2zigbee-stick with a programmer that costs 10-15$. Just check the docs on their website. They are fully integrated, coin cell battery operated zigbee devices that lasts literally for years without changing the battery. The sensors are super small and sleek (check out the xiaomi aqara door sensor for example) and they can do a load of different things like temperature/humidity/pressure monitoring, door sensor, motion sensor, power outlet control, IKEA window blinds and loads of other cool stuff. Check it out!

    Tomas JohansenTomas JohansenPřed 6 měsíci
  • Pls make usb killer

    Özgür DemirerÖzgür DemirerPřed 6 měsíci
  • Hey man, can you please tell how to do this with ESP32-WROOM-32

    Tanish BhongadeTanish BhongadePřed 6 měsíci
  • Hey GreatScott is it possible to make a accurate lcr meter. Please make one or atleast mention the required ic ( DIP package please )... I recently got a good multimeter but it doesn't have capacitance and inductunce measurement I love your content ❤️.

    06_Jayprakash Bhele_B06_Jayprakash Bhele_BPřed 6 měsíci
    • 🙋

      _Scooby Doo_Scooby DooPřed 6 měsíci
  • Is this free?? Home Automation?

    harshith saiharshith saiPřed 6 měsíci
  • It could be possible to only send the notification when you are away from the house by checking GPS data of the phone, or checking if the phone is connected to local wifi network?

    fredwardfredwardPřed 6 měsíci
  • 5:20 not working, because you have to connect de ESP module to the raspberry pi not to your computer. Also you need to restart de ESPHome Add-on after connect the USB to the raspberry to detect the new device. However really great video like always

    Benja GarciaBenja GarciaPřed 6 měsíci
  • Hey Jeremy, will there be any problem if I put the esp 8266 or esp32 in a commercial product? What's your opinion on that?

    Brian XavierBrian XavierPřed 6 měsíci
  • I hope your alarm has a battery backup system so it works if the power should happen to go off, but then you probably don't have power outages in Germany.

    Mark OsbornMark OsbornPřed 6 měsíci
  • How much does it cost you?

    yahia mohamedyahia mohamedPřed 6 měsíci
  • I believe Tasmota and NodeRed are way more practical for most HA integration and automation cases.

    Felipe GrossFelipe GrossPřed 6 měsíci
  • no one: absolutely no one: Scott: Notifi

    Technical machineryTechnical machineryPřed 6 měsíci
  • The way you finish your sentences is freaky

  • Please make a video on power distribution board Buy or diy

    Tauseef SiddiquiTauseef SiddiquiPřed 6 měsíci
  • wouldn't you want to know if your house was broken-in if you are on vacation?

    Luis PeregrinaLuis PeregrinaPřed 6 měsíci
  • Welcome to Home Assistant

    Adrian BishopAdrian BishopPřed 6 měsíci
  • Interesting! If my understanding is right, you would like to control ESP8266(Node MCU) by Raspberry Pi. And control the Raspberry Pi by your smartphone. Can I ask one question? Control the Node MCU directly by your smartphone is impossible? I heard that MQTT can usable at NodeMCU. I just heard. Then it may possible to control. Although we have to make code for both the smartphone app and Node MCU.

    Yonghwan ShinYonghwan ShinPřed 6 měsíci
  • Hey Scott, woher bekomme ich denn die OTA Firmware für den NodeMCU? ich finde auf der ESPHome-Seite nichts. Vielleicht kannst du mir ja aushelfen :-)

    andy mcflyandy mcflyPřed 6 měsíci
  • This is just too much effort for doing something easily accessible, ready to use, systems available for less than $100 off of Amazon.

    fatis deadfatis deadPřed 6 měsíci
    • You smooth brain NERDS, over complicate things, need to check this shit out: eaaasy! Sophistication comes in prepackaged simplicity.

      fatis deadfatis deadPřed 3 měsíci
  • I can hear "I'm the lock picking lawyer and what we have today is one great attempt at security" 😂😂

    RishiRishiPřed 6 měsíci
    • I'm loving this comment

      onthemudd1onthemudd1Před 5 dny
    • 👏

      onthemudd1onthemudd1Před 5 dny
  • You Are Awesome Person ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I found my esp 01 over serial. A note mentions to restart esp home if a serial device is connected, so I went into supervisor (with esp01 plugged into rpi3b+ USB port) then on the clicked restart on ESPhome. When I went back into esp home, I clicked OTA, but this time the drop down menu had /dev/ttyUSB0. Esp connected to an esp01 programmer and switched into programming, not in uart.

    mrbrettgutierrezmrbrettgutierrezPřed 6 měsíci
  • burglars use a broadband radio jammer and call it a day...

    Vona LaszloVona LaszloPřed 6 měsíci
  • you had to connect it to the raspberry pi for the first upload. Afterwards you will have OTA available

    Cristian IordacheCristian IordachePřed 6 měsíci
  • ESP Home is nice but IMO is a bit better. If you have a minute you should check it out.

    Sean SturtsSean SturtsPřed 6 měsíci
  • And after you install few more NodeMCU "sensors" you realize that your WiFi network needs an upgrade ... so you need to invest some money in a decent router. May I suggest you to buy a CC2531 adapter (~ about $4 from Aliexpress) and install the Zigbee2MQTT HASSIO Addon? Bulbs, Power Sockets, Remotes ( IKEA devices are cheaper than Philps) then an entire family of sensors from SONOFF. Also If I may, you can have a boolean helper as Vacation Switch, no need for a physical one.

    amtamtPřed 6 měsíci
  • Lockpickinglawyer: evil laugh🔐🔐🔓

    Merwyn VincentMerwyn VincentPřed 6 měsíci
  • Node-Red with Home Assistant also works well for creating all types of automation's.

    Choder ChoderChoder ChoderPřed 6 měsíci
  • On related news, a good WIFI jammer costs 20 bucks on AliExpress.

    Halvar FHalvar FPřed 6 měsíci
  • What's ESP Home mean ?

    Doixi ServiceDoixi ServicePřed 6 měsíci
  • Awesome! Can you use an older Pi for this project? I've got a Pi 2 lying around. EDIT: Found info on the website that Pi 2 or Zero w is not supported.

    Bartosz FBartosz FPřed 6 měsíci
  • Would u plz make a very simple UPS with easily available components using 18650 lithium ion or polymer battery with pass over circuit or fast switching between battery and main power without rebooting the router. Here power cut off occurs 4 to 5 times in a day and router restarts if inverter is used.

    suman gorkhalisuman gorkhaliPřed 6 měsíci
  • GreatScoot's Wi-Fi SSID : youwillneverknow 😂

    Creazy ChanelCreazy ChanelPřed 6 měsíci
    • It's not hard to find it out, plus it's also not hard at all to buy or build a wifi jammer and bang the system has no communication with the outside world at all...

      StevenStevenPřed 6 měsíci

    P.K. NadeshP.K. NadeshPřed 6 měsíci
  • You could probably set up a bluetooth presence detection system so that your phone doesn't get an alert every time you open the door, it only sends alerts when you're not home.

    MrHippo00100MrHippo00100Před 6 měsíci
  • Love your videos! You make every video very complete and easy to understand. Now you have the basic setup, check out the home assistant (lovelace) alarm control panel. It may make your "vacation?" switch redundant but it will allow you more options. If your pi and router is on a UPS you can then convert the NODE device with an ESP that has built in battery backup so your alarm will work when the thieves cut the power (,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ is one device). Thumbs up as always, and hello from Canada

    StevesFascinationsStevesFascinationsPřed 6 měsíci
  • you are really GREAT with your job SCOTT

  • Maravilloso!!!!

    Yeray Sanchez JimenezYeray Sanchez JimenezPřed 6 měsíci
  • I Think blynk app will be easier for less expierienced users, and you dont have to use rpi

    Tool TechTool TechPřed 6 měsíci
  • For the usb to be recognized on esphome you have to restart the add-on. It only detects the usb devices on start up

    SushinGranzottoSushinGranzottoPřed 6 měsíci
  • nicely done. version 2 could be: software toggle switch in homeaassistant instead of hardware toggle switch; using deepsleep and battery instead of mains power supply.

    FeindsenderFeindsenderPřed 6 měsíci
  • I watch the whole video only for 10:50 🤩 Ps: love your content!

    Arpith jainArpith jainPřed 6 měsíci
  • Wi-pwn und der esp8266 ist disconnect. Wäre besser pi (Netzkabel) mit iobroker, sonoff-bridge oder 433mhz diy und Telegrambot. Und wenn man will eine Webcam. Dann kommt foto plus Nachricht.

    Heiko SöderHeiko SöderPřed 6 měsíci
  • What I did was to add a motion sensor inside, close to the door. It activates the hallway lights but also if it's triggered then I don't receive a notification when the door is opened. So, if you are inside and you open the door, there is no alarm. If you open the door from the outside, then you get a notification. No need for a switch 😉

    Emanuel PosescuEmanuel PosescuPřed 6 měsíci
  • Great video! This is something I have been considering building for a while. I have been using Home Assistant for a while though, and I was thinking of using the phone integration, and it's means of telling if you are home or not, to do the job of that switch you added. That way I won't get notifications while I am at home (although I could set it to allow notifications if the door opens after I have triggered my bedtime routine, so i know if someone comes in while I sleep!), but I also can't forget to arm the system when I leave the house (I always take my phone with me). :-)

    charmanrcharmanrPřed 6 měsíci
    • Another way to consider:

      Marc Solomon ScheimannMarc Solomon ScheimannPřed 5 měsíci
  • your videos are so easy to understand and amazing. thank you very much

    Rahul JainRahul JainPřed 6 měsíci
  • Esphome is awesome. I actually use it without home assistant, have it all piped in to MQTT, and I then use Node RED to do interesting things with it (e.g. a "you left the door open" notification). (I just flash from the command line.) I've also got some sensors being forwarded from MQTT by node red to InfluxDB which I visualize with Grafana. Super nice setup.

    rpavlik1rpavlik1Před 6 měsíci
  • @GreatScott! plz make video about esp32 sim800l

    Jameel AkhtarJameel AkhtarPřed 6 měsíci
  • I want motion detection that aims a laser pointer at the intruder. The sound of an automatic cocking would be a nice touch.

    School for HackersSchool for HackersPřed 6 měsíci
  • Can you make a doomsday survival radio from sratch incase of emergency or just knowledge

    sammy cardososammy cardosoPřed 6 měsíci
  • Oh man, @GreatScott! and @Andreas Spiess both rocking Home Assistant and ESPHome in the same week? Mainstream baby!

    The Hook UpThe Hook UpPřed 6 měsíci
    • naa tamilae

      Coding WizardCoding WizardPřed 6 měsíci

      kishore ksmkishore ksmPřed 6 měsíci
    • ESPHome is just the best!

      Michaël Guay-LambertMichaël Guay-LambertPřed 6 měsíci
    • Sean Sturts I thought that was for existing wired alarm systems so I’ve never looked at it. I will look a little closer.

      Brian HanifinBrian HanifinPřed 6 měsíci
    • ESP Home is nice but IMO is a bit better. If you have a minute you should check it out.

      Sean SturtsSean SturtsPřed 6 měsíci
  • Great Scott: If you watched my video about essential tools that you will need for creating electronics projects, then you know that the lab in my apartment houses some rather expensive equipment... His neighbor: (spits out coffee) Wait WHAT?!?!

    Pollen HazePollen HazePřed 6 měsíci