Fix It!: Self-Dimming LED Downlight || How a new hardware revision improves everything!

21. 02. 2021
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In this episode of Fix It! I will be having a look at a self-dimming LED downlight that quit working after only 1.5 years of usage. I will not only find the simple mistake that makes the light useable again but I will also explore the lights circuit secrets. I will show you exactly how it works and I will also directly compare it to the same lamp type which was produced a couple of years later and show you how the new light does everything better. Let's get started!
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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod
0:00 Showing the faulty LED downlight
1:49 Intro
2:29 Removing the light
3:08 Testing the light and finding the culprit
5:08 Disassembling the old light
5:40 Finding out how the old light works
7:49 Comparing the new light with the old one
10:03 Conclusion

  • I have recently broken a light bulb, and the circuit is very similar to the new hardware revision showcased in this video.

    Marko JojićMarko JojićPřed 25 dny
    • I have also indentified a full bridge and a LED driver, with public datasheets.

      Marko JojićMarko JojićPřed 25 dny
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  • Love to see improvements in even the smallest part of one’s home’s appliances.

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  • No flickering is GREAT. PWM is usually use because it cheaper. Glad to see the new IC.

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  • Great! By the way can you explain how that multiple outputs are handled by single pole switch using RC timer. Past couple of days I was building an adjustable temperature led light panel to my room. This kind of function might be the best way to control it.

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  • Are there any differences in light colors between both dimming technologies? I think the cause why using PWM is to maintain the full and original light color. Liebe Grüße :D

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  • What the fuck is wrong with your language? Who in their right mind looked at german and thought "hmmm... not enough rules" and why did the same individual after getting high on brake fluids decide to make a crap ton of exeptions to those same rules. What the actual fuck

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    • @GreatScott! so you know so much about electronics because you learned on your own?

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  • Hello Great Scott! Nice video. Did you understand how the new design converts AC to DC and boost it ? I cannot see any capacitive dropper like in the old design ...

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  • I think all (dimmable) LED lamps and pc/laptop monitor back-lights should be driven in the same way as the new version. Flickering LED lamps are uncomfortable to the eyes and can be really annoying, especially on lower PWM frequencies.

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  • I wonder how the cable break happened, because the cable wasn't bent back and forth all the time

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    • Temperature changes will change the length of the wire, gradually bending it over and over, causing the copper to work harden and eventually snap. The temperature changes could be as simple as the difference between day and night. Just one of the reasons strain relief matters.

      bur1t0bur1t0Před měsícem
  • OK, but why it did not work after 3 swaps?

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  • Using embedded LEDs is a mistake - plug in GU10 is much better - can change failed bulbs cheaply, no risk of the same style going out of fashion, can change colour temperature if you want...

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  • I'm going to guess its that poly film capacitor.

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  • If you're reading these comments, I designed a current controlled led really very simply, and I don't think I've seen anyone else do it! use a simple LDR and a resistor to create a voltage divide to power on/off an NPN transistor, all you do is run a couple of small cables to a little pcb/headboard /pef etc... and mount the ldr facing your light source... add a potentiometer to the LDR/voltage divider that powers up the transistor, and simply set it to the desired brightness, the only downfall is if something gets between the ldr and and the light source being powered if it gets hot the led gets brighter, but it wont because the LDR will adjust, I ran a 10watt 12v cob led with this design, no current limiter (well the ldr/divider is the current limiter, brighter it gets the less power the transistor gets)

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  • hehe had a similar issue and found the LEDs were actually fine but the mains side had an issue which I just didn't bother working out

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  • Thank you! I have had the same lights here, they started flickering really badly at some dimming stages so I wanted to disable it. Now at least I have a nice schematic, I was always too lazy lol

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  • Ah, I see, the surge relay solves the problem of traditional toggle switches only being able to allow three switches to control any single circuit. With one of those, you can put in any number of instantaneous switches to control the lights from as many points as you want.

    David EvensDavid EvensPřed měsícem
    • @Andrew Young Hmmm...went through the logic diagrams, and looks like you're right. Wall area isn't the only problem, of course. Switches, electrical boxes, and wire to run between them costs money, too. And unless you're building something akin to the Winchester Mansion you won't need all that many switches (perhaps one per doorway in a corridor, and perhaps one more than that in any other room).

      David EvensDavid EvensPřed měsícem
    • You can have as many intermediate switches as you want in a "two way" lighting circuit. Within reason of course, at some point you'll run out of wall space for the new switches.

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    • @renegade2k Not adequate. High voltage LEDs are most of the time tiny LEDs put in series, which means they have to be balanced, else one tiny LED gets higher voltage than others (even though it's the same current, it will still burn brighter - and fail faster). But putting them in series on a small chip more often than not makes them unbalanced, which means either the QA has to be good, or the high voltage LED will fail soon. That has nothing to do with the throttle.

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  • With due respect. I like to watch your videos and learn a lot. But the Balkans Bosnia and Herzegovina is not German, unfortunately. I can't order parts for my projects. Do the best you know, thank you

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  • Much better design. Pity we can't get the version that Dubai commissioned Phillips to produce. Much cheaper to run and last so much longer. Each led diode only runs at half the rated specs.

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  • Redesigned lamp costs less to make, improved quality and more efficient. Wow those redesigners did it again.

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    • This just proves that as an engineer, your work on a product isn't in all cases done when it hits mass production.

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  • Philips has gu10 and e27 lamps which have this. They also get warmer the more you dim them to mimmic halogen lights.

    Floris SchoutenFloris SchoutenPřed měsícem
  • If those are high boltage current sources you can short a led and the others have the same brightness. I've done it wit a cheap non-dimmable bulb.

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    • When it is done🤷‍♂️

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  • Why are the 3 mains-phases switched in your fusebox? it goes L1 Brown, L3 Grey and then L2 Black. Or does Germany use a diffrent standard compared to the Netherlands?

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  • Nice and interesting! I don't get why anyone would think the efficiency would drop if the current value of the constant current driver is adjusted to dim the light. That's the way it should be and I would expect the efficiency to go up instead - wich was apphearently also the case. Having an extra PWM step that does the dimming, increases both circuit complexity and losses. Lowering the voltage doesn't waste that much power for a switching regulator, unless the voltage drop and increased output current (compared to the input current), is so large that the voltage drop over diodes and transistors become a significant percentage of the output voltage. Since it's LEDs it drives, the voltage have to be lowered just slightly to get much less current flowing - that small decrease in voltage shouldn't change the efficiency much. I think the increased efficiency of the new driver, IS mostly because they got rid of the unnecessary extra "conversion step".

    Speeder84XLSpeeder84XLPřed měsícem
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