Here is why MOSFET drivers are sometimes essential! || MOSFET Driver Part 1 (Driver, Bootstrapping)

13. 12. 2020
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In this video we will be having a closer look on how to drive MOSFETs. That means I will show you different examples on how to turn on/off a MOSFET with a microcontroller. We will investigate why and how much gate current is flowing and how the gate capacitance pretty much forces us to use a MOSFET driver at some point. Along the way you will also learn about what bootstrapping is and when to use it and you will hear a tiny bit about a gate-drive transformer. Let's get started!
Websites which were shown during the video:,as%20shown%20by%20Equation%204.&text=Switch%2DMOSFET%20gate%20losses%20can,and%20turn%2Doff%20gate%20losses.
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  • I like how he is soldering while it's running 😅

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  • I am so glad so many people like yourself are out there, getting on youtube, and expanding their futures, while teaching. I'm an old fart, I've been working in this field more than fifty years, but you've taught me more than a thing or two, "surface mount, liquid solder, oven soldering", what's this world coming to? Very nice demonstration, thank you.

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  • I notice you use the oscilloscope to measure the time for the MOSFET to activate in ranges of 300 ns or less. I guess this will mean that you need a quite expensive oscilloscope with a fast samplerate just to determine if you need a resistor for protection of a microcontroller. True, or am I missing something?

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  • zu sehen wie du mit einem Schraubenzieher in der Nähe jedes Bildschrims und auch vor dem eines so teuren Oszis entlangfuchtelst mach mich immer ganz kirre😂👌

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  • hi...PLEASE HELP, I have a TC4429 Driver chip and a IRF4905 P channel mosfet. I want to make a High side PWM drive. (it must be a high side driver as the negative of the load is PERMANENTLY connected to the Battery's Negative.) I have put a 10k resistor from gate to positive, if i run the TC4429 on 12V. and the load is a 12v load.... no problem it works fine. However I want a 24V output and when i connect the mosfet to 24v then the TC4429 is still run on 12v, i think it does not provide sufficient voltage to the gate.... is that right and how do i solve that. I'd really appreciate any help.

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  • Posso usar o ULN2803 como driver para mosfet?

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  • Great video!!!! Could you make a video showing a mosfet driver for high voltage power mosfet on a spot welder. One using 18 or more mosfets. I have searched and there are no videos that show this

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  • Question: Why do you need numerous BJT transistors in his example mosfet gate driver schematic (not the IC)? Wouldn't 1 suffice to switch an external power source to the Mosfet Gate, charging it and switching it more quickly?

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  • Can i use a mosfet to turn on a led strip conected with a arcade joystick when i press everytime the button of the arcade joystick the joysticl have 10 so im gonna need 10 mosfets right 1 for every botton??

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  • 5 voltios ÷200 omh =56 miliamper? No entiendo Creo que debe ser 25 miliamperes. Si son 25 miliamperes, creo que deberían ser 21 nanoculons, no soy experto, corrigeme si me equivoco

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  • nice

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  • Hi Scott a quick question, Im building a SSTC and im powering my driver circuit with 12VDC and I try to measure the output right after the mosfet drivers and I only have 1mV of voltage in the output By the way when I meassure in the pins I have the 12V. Why would that be? PS: I have wire it all correctly according to the datasheet and my frequency is coming out ok as well

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    • Coming this week

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  • Absolutely love your description, I watched this about 3 times already, and would still watch it again ! , thank you very much Scott

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  • MOSFETs should be kept in antistatic bags or conductive foam ... not rattling around in a plastic box. They should also be handled properly. You can easily blow the gate oxide by mistreating them.

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  • my brain isn't healthy enough to get into the zone ( me/cfs aka long covid ) but I just wanna say that I always found these videos to be very Zen, whereas many electronics videos can be frustratingly confusing.

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  • Your pronunciation of the English word "series" sounds like "serious" to me. A better pronunciation is like: [SEE-reez]. Keep creating great content!

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  • Could you have just used a non smd MOSFET drivers like IR2127S to make it easier?

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  • Wish I would have started this when I was younger......I'm lost......What's the best beginning kit????? Would it be the raspberry pi or........????????thanx in advance

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  • Very interesting video ! Thank you once again

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  • Would a driver IC be needed if runing pwm out of an arduino at 1khz?

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  • Hello, I'm planning to make a H bridge with 16 mosfets in parallel to share currents. what should i know first before making one?

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  • Are IGBTs driven the same way ?

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  • I believe it's Metal Oxide SUBSTRATE Field Effect Transistor

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    • No. Literally the first post when doing a google search.

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  • ....... here’s me thinking that I could just use a IRLZ44N for everything and relax. My dreams are rubbed out with the highlighter pen as I am forced into the dark corners of the data sheet. The vid then finishes with “..... you don’t know half of it yet” from the man who picks up the fet by the legs with his fingers!

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  • Dear Great Scott, pls.explain mosfet turn on using the transformer.

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  • great explanation video best I've seen, and you've surveyed all the major issues one is confronted with using MOSFET's

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  • For diy, a soic (1.27mm pitch) would not need a stencil, and they make one: NCP5901BDR2G

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  • Any suggestion for an alternative to the LMG1210 that comes in a slightly bigger package? SMD is fine but - I fear that's too tiny for me.

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  • What other semiconductor is more efficient than MOSFETS ???? Thanks

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  • In your intro, you imply that Vth is enough to fully turn on a MOSFET, which is a misconception that far too many people seem to get. Vth is only enough to barely start conducting, and you need to go a few volts beyond Vth in order to reach the minimum Rdson.

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  • Good job master..

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  • So the mosfet drivers are so bad

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  • You touched the gate and then the led went on... It would be good to highlight the danger of esd when handling mosfet. If the gate voltage exceeds the permitted gate voltage the mosfet is damaged and one can search the faults for a long time.... This is why one should use proper esd protection all the time. Static electricity on the plastic or on the body can Ruin weeks of work...

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  • How can I calculate maximum switching frequency of a mosfet driver

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  • Amazing video!! What if i want to switch on/off an 110v minisplit a/c??? Any mosfet or triac capable of control it?

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  • I'm new to circuits, what is better mosfet or transistor when switching a highvoltage motor on and off digitally? motor 250mah 6-12V tried transistor as switch vc 100maH 50V external power 9v it burned lol and almost bricked my arduino board

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  • I have this issue that has been bugging me since school. As I understand it, PWM sends a pulse train of 500Hz. So you have two transitions every 2 ms. What happens inside an H brigde when the upper and lower mosfet during transition? Is there a risk of both of them conducting at the same time?

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  • And here I am, trying to get a mosfet to do exactly the opposite to limit the start-up current of a spindle motor.

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  • these days, instead of using bootstrapping circuit to drive upper MOSFET, one can use optically isolated gate drive IC such as TLP250 (or equivalent). This Method is much easier but requires to have more isolated supply ( but this can be easily done using isolated DC-DC converter)

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  • Bootstraping is Vcc + Vcap 😁😁

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  • Discharge resistor should be placed BEFORE current limiting one, otherwise you're creating a voltage divider on Gate pin.

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  • 2:27 min mark: P= 6 ohms times 0.32 amps. I think you meant P= 1.88V times 0.32A= 0.62 W. Excellent video, I watched it 3x!

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  • noob question: I found this with ridiculously high specs 3A, 600V: FAN7392. How is this one different from the z44, used on this channel?

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  • would be cool to know about shocking pen (prank pens) circuits in connection with flyback transformers

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  • Miller capacitance, the one you are talking at 6:30, is why we can't have nice things in the world. It really makes interesting engineering challenge, and is unavoidable. I once was designing high efficiency inverter, and instead of just using 4 MOSFETs, I ended up with 4 MOSFETS plus extra 48 transistors (FETs and BJTs), plus a 16 channel DSP driving scheme. Crazy, but it worked beautiful. Required a lot of simulations, including parasitics. Using driver ICs is probably better tho, both from complexity perspective, isolation, and performance (ICs can bring loop area smaller, and and reduce inductance). Also 4-pin FETs are getting popular, especially the SiC and GaN ones, where there is a separate source pin, just for driving. The pin has own path to the package for source, so there is no voltage drop when there is current flowing, and it has lower inductance, all helping with turnoff time and voltage clamping.

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  • IR2104 mosfet driver was easy for Mosfet high switching applications.why not you try, that

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  • Halo friends, IRFP2907 is an N-channel mosfet, so... I need one more as its P-chanel mosfet, whats number it is for P-chanel ??? or it may be another IRF mosfet pair that is above 75 volts / 200 Amper, Ok... thanks

  • It used to Stand for ‘metal oxide SILICON ...’ ... I wonder when That got changed

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    • Never. These are used as synonymes. But I personally prefer "silicon".

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