Here is why Gate-Drive Transformers are sometimes essential! | MOSFET Driver Part 2 (Potential-free)

28. 02. 2021
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Do you want to know more about the Würth Elektronik components? Then click here: and visit the page to get an overview of gate drive transformers.
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- WE-GDT Gate-Drive-Transformer:
- WE-GDTI Gate-Drive-Transformer:
- WE-AGDT Auxiliary Gate Drive Transformer:
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In this video I will conclude the MOSFET Driver video series by having a closer look at Gate-Drive Transformers. As a practical example I will be using a Tesla Coil driver circuit that uses a Gate-Drive Transformer to control its MOSFETs. We will be finding out how the transformer works, how to use it in a circuit, how to create a DIY version and why using a commercial solution often makes more sense. Let's get started!
Websites which were shown (used) during the video:
Thanks to the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group for supporting this video.
2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
0:00 Presenting my new Tesla Coil
1:30 Why does it perform better than my old one?
2:42 Intro
3:03 Overview of what a Gate-Drive Transformer does
4:36 How does the practical Transformer work?
6:13 Having a look at the Waveforms
6:48 Complementary components for the Transformer
7:36 Creating a DIY Gate-Drive Transformer
8:03 Testing the DIY version
9:03 The problem with designing a DIY version
10:16 Getting a commercial Gate-Drive Transformer
11:05 Testing the commercial solution
11:30 Verdict

  • Do not breath the ozone (produced by the high voltage gas discharge)! It's a dangerous air pollutant, it may harm your lungs.

    Валентин СтойковВалентин СтойковPřed 6 dny
  • I'm getting a great education from your work on this channel.

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  • Sorry I didn't catch why the gate-drive transformer is used - Is it for any high frequency switching purposes? At what kind of frequencies would you start considering using this component?

    Even LundEven LundPřed 11 dny
  • I wonder: Could you avoid the core saturation by just reducing the drive voltage, then adding more secondary turns to boost the gate drive voltage back up again? I guess that would add more circuit complexity, to make a driver that’d run the transformer primary at a lower-than-system voltage, but I’m curious if that would fix the issue of core saturation, all else being equal?

    Dave EtchellsDave EtchellsPřed 11 dny
  • Scott, bootstrapping can be also done for a single MOSFET too. Refer, 0033mer's video on MOSFET bootstrapping.

    Patrick JosephPatrick JosephPřed 13 dny
  • Nice vid ! I was wondering, what is the coupling factor between the primary and secondary Tesla coil ? And what is the ressonance frequency of the secondary coil (taking into account the parasitic capacitance). If my memory is right you'll need to drive the coils at this frequency and have low coupling. That's how we got it to work at uni a while ago.

    Matthew Maxwell-BurtonMatthew Maxwell-BurtonPřed 20 dny
  • I heard the Ozon that is created as a by product using the Tesla coil can be quiet poisonous...

    StinktierchenStinktierchenPřed měsícem
  • You're awesome. That is all.

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  • Why don't use a p-channel mos instead n-channel used (the upper one)?

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  • Your videos are awesome! More condensed and educational than a college course! Thank you Great Scott!

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  • Man, you got to have a lot of highlighters laying around, when I use them for even a short time they become unsaturated real fast.

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  • What wasn't obvious why there wasn't as much of a saturation problem with the commercial GDT is that, it must use more turns with a thinner wire, and most importantly, theres a gap spacer in its core, which the toroid transformer clearly lacks. A submillimeter gap in the core prevents saturation, and in switch mode transformers (inverter PSU's, flybacks, electronic CFL / fluoro ballasts etc.) it helps the magnetic field to collapse as quickly as it can, releasing energy stored in the core. Very well made video, Thank You! Great channel! 👍

    750 kV750 kVPřed měsícem
  • Sir I have learnt soo many things from your videos can u make a video regarding Topic SMPS and Best Topology and Gate Drive IC for specific topology and designing its ferrite core its a request Thankyou ❤️

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  • Great job i tried to to find a circuit generate a alternatif current and change between 0 and 1 A du you have an idea to do thise circuit

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  • I think the reason is torroidal coil give higher voltage signal to drive the gates than the IC driver chip and the signal from Torroidal is closer a sine wave than the chip which is square wave. In the case of tesla coil sine wave is more useful than square wave.

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  • Pass auf beim Spielen mit der Tesla Spule! Das Ozon, das dabei immer entsteht, ist ein ätzendes Gas, das sehr mit dem lebendem Gewebe reagiert. Ich kenne einen, der sich bei solchen Versuchen nachhaltig eigene Lungen verätzte. Nicht übertreiben!

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  • Very nice, I hope, that at some point we will see it at full power. (230v)

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  • I have an engineering degree and still don't understand most of this on the fly :(

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  • Why not use an optocoupler powered by a seperate power supply?

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  • I enjoyed

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  • Hi, could you please make a video talking about the reactance (reactive power) needed to run a induction motor as generator (induction generator)? I would love to see your analysis of it's waveform, and how they can't produce their reactive power.

    Emanuel Gonçalves SantosEmanuel Gonçalves SantosPřed měsícem
    • I mean, what if we just provide enough capacitors to keep it running and rectify it's output?

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  • Someones a god

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  • What would be the benefits of a steel core as opposed to a ferrite core?

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  • Yay! The video I have been waiting for!

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  • Wait, why you need freewheeling diode parallel to a mosfet ? They already have diode in the same direction

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  • 8:54 aaa, in this specific case I think it is not saturation that causes waveform to extinguish. It is just a capacitor in series on the input (CR high pass filter generally)

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  • Nice video! Important also to mentioned! When GDT is concerned, we have to keep in mind the isolation material between windings! Between upper and lower winding potential difference is twice of the supply voltage. With ringing effect it is EVEN higher. For let's say 300V supply potential difference is quite high. It is needed to consider this aspect! Thanks for attention

    ŁukaszzŁukaszzPřed měsícem
  • Is it possible to make a transformer useing Headphones wire....

  • Bootstraps boot straps XD

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  • 10:32 woah woah woah, wait a minute... you've got a *purple* marker pen as well? :o

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  • .....when you say 'galvanically isolated' I believe you mean 'electrically isolated' . I'm pretty sure that in english language the word 'galvanic' is used when talking about effects of dissimilar metals in contact and the resulted electrical activity that causes corrosion . It looks like you are using lead free solder. That stuff is a pain .

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  • .....okay, and in 2¼ minutes of video I've heard you pronounce the word 'series' as 'serious' . I was also making this mistake when I was eight years of age. Actually your English is very good . Thanks for your work .

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  • dead time between switching sometimes important

    czephei87czephei87Před měsícem
    • The transformer have natural dead time because the slow rising voltage on the secondary

      Muhammad HanifMuhammad HanifPřed měsícem
  • As always nice and informative video. One video request... Make it if possible (according to your convenience) How to measure current using shunt with OP-AMP with microcontroller.

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  • As a self taught electronics engineer (embedded systems) this answered questions that I've wondered about for literal years. Thank you very much.

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  • full circuit diagram of your new driver? It is totally different

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  • Hello can you make a small variable 30v power supply please, it's for my individual project please, with schematic please.. love from Philippines ❤️❤️❤️

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  • HEY DUDE.. THIS IS URGENT.. PLEASE REPLY.. Can we make a transistor out of two diodes, just for very small current application?? If doping is the problem... Can we make a diode with highly doped P junction and weakly doped n junction, so that we can use it to make a transistor.... Is it possible?? You are the right person to answer this..

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  • Love the MOSFET series ♥️

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  • Hello! How does a driver transformer handle dead-times needed in an H-bridge circuit with MOSFETs?

    Cesar PalaciosCesar PalaciosPřed měsícem
    • The slow rising time of the voltage will ensure the mosfet stays off until it reaches the threshold. So the transformer provide a natural dead time

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  • your videos are the bestt!!!👍👍👍

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  • Very good

  • That works for a constant frequency AC load like a transformer driver but not for a low latency, DC load like a stepper motor driver.

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  • I think OneTesla Kits are better, they generate huge arcs!

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  • D.C. Welders use same principal, a small voltage winding controls variable, welding current, called a "Saturable reactor", also High voltage, Arc Furnace, for steel Foundry's.

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  • I'm skilled and qualified, says me, is that good enough? Can I still continue to put housekeys into wall sockets? Theey just fit so perfect, I cant help myself. Sometimes when I collect MOTs they are really dirty so I bathe them in soapy water outside. To get the water warm, you can plug the MOTs in and leave em in the water for a bit. Once I forgot to unplug them and WOW, about blew my dick clean thru my balls n out my ass. That reminds me of a certain plasma tube, tesla coil, and a hooker. Lets just say I saved a couple grand that night and now the proud owner of a Gazeebo.

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  • For those who like Digikey or Mouser for purchasing parts online, note that the "Pulse Transformer" section is where you'll find these sorts of gate drive transformers in the catalogs, including some from the sponsor Würth Elektronik. :-)

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  • Very confused, why is the performance of the new tesla coil so poor, has it not been tuned properly? I've generated much larger arcs just using an old TV flyback transformer with a ZVS driver. Based on the size of your coil I would expect arcs of over 150mm, not 25mm. Might want to test the resonant frequency of the primary and secondary coils to make sure they match and are being driven at this frequency.

    flomojo2uflomojo2uPřed měsícem
    • I was using 25V AC max. That is why.

      GreatScott!GreatScott!Před měsícem
  • You know his youtube cash rolled in when he is printing with colour.

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  • or use cheap mosfet driver IC like FAN7382

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  • Just Curious if the same would be true for IGBT? I would assume IGBT are built for driving inductive loads more efficiently?

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  • Are you sure it's saturation? The curve seems pretty linear, so it looks like the rate of change of the field drops because the current through the transformer stabilizes. Transformers do not pass DC, and the closer you get to DC, the worse they perform. You will need insanely high inductance values for low frequency transformers (look at the old wall adapters designed for 50/60Hz, and they're sinusoidal). Also wondering what current is running through the transformer. When the gate is charging it can be huge, but for a very short time. If the transformer can't supply this current, the gate charges slowly.

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  • An audio tip for you: To reduce the breathing sound between your sentences, use a noise gate (or expander) before your compressor. Your videos are awesome, keep it up.

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  • Use caution when running a Tesla coil or Van de Graaff generator in your lab. They have enough voltage and energy to blow out all sorts of expensive test equipment even without being connect to them. Had a guy bring a VdG into our lab one day and managed to wipe out two HP scopes and a CRT terminal. The VdG was not even on the same bench. When he fired it up corona sparks were jumping all over the place from one metal bench to the next killing the equipment. Those things make a wicked E field.

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  • Howdy. How about using a P-Channel Mosfet as the upper one ? Regards.

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    • They are not available in as low of "on resistance" as the N channel. Also, this does not eliminate the need for the transformer in an H bridge circuit.

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    • No

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  • Thank you. I am looking to design a cuk converter rather soon, and the subject of integrated magnetics is kind of voodoo. There's electrical engineering, then there is magnetic engineering, and then there is the continual play against math and market available components or subcomponents to work with.

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  • A Dixon Multiplier can also be employed to drive/store a charge of Source + 12V, then drained to the gate through an optocoupler.

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  • Hey there Great, I think your home-brew tesla coil may be suffering from having that corrugated hat. The peaks of the ridges become regions of high charge concentration, hence high voltage, and thus leak charge to the atmosphere disproportionately compared to the average voltage, this limiting the overall voltage the apparatus can achieve. That's the motivation to have a smooth dome/hat.

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  • From my experience, green toroids make the best GDT cores. And they're really cheap if you get them from China.

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